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Where to see the best displays of Bluebells.

Bluebells are famous around Aberfeldy, and if you’re coming to stay during the month of May you’re in for a treat. It does depend on the weather, but here are the best places to find them, all just a short drive or walk from Brae House.

A popular walk along the river Tay near Aberfeldy runs through the Weem Meadow Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Officially recognised and legally protected, SSSIs are the best examples of Nature in Scotland. You will see a wonderful display of Bluebells and Cowslips along with a variety of wild plants.

The Hermitage by Dunkeld provides you with a beautiful walk by the river. It’s one of our favourite walks in any season, but during Bluebell season, it’s spectacular.

Next up is the Loch of the Lowes, and if you’re lucky you may spot a pair of breeding Osprey from early April to late August as well as the fabulous display of bluebells.

The gardens and woodlands of Blair Castle and Cluny House gardens, are also a must see during any season, but again the Bluebells are stunning from May onwards.

You’ll also see them anywhere you drive in the area as they grow wild and free along roadside and woodlands.

Of course the Bluebells bring lots of brightly coloured butterflies, moths and birdsong. You may hear a cuckoo or a skylark as well as the deer and foxes that populate the natural landscape.

Many artists have captured the scenes on canvas, some of which can be seen at our local galleries

Where will you choose to see the Bluebells?

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